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Green La Sierra

The Green La Sierra website lists the following campus initiatives

Campus-wide recycling. Recycling bins in every building on campus provide means of reducing waste and the amount of raw materials consumed.

Waterless urinals. By installing clean, efficient waterless urinals in every restroom on campus, La Sierra University saves millions of gallons of water each year!

Vegetarian menu. La Sierra’s cafeteria and cafe offer a wide variety of all vegetarian foods. A plant-based diet uses significantly less land, water, and energy than a diet containing meat products.

Biodegradable containers. For students who need to take food to-go from the cafeteria, La Sierra has replaced its non-biodegradable styrofoam and plastic food containers with biodegradable containers.

Encouraging ride sharing and public transportation. La Sierra encourages and rewards employees who utilize public transportation and ride-sharing. Forms are available at the campus safety department for the ride-sharing rewards program, available to LSU’s faculty and staff as well as student employees.

Producing its own electricity. La Sierra students and professors are drawing up plans to install solar panels on campus to offset electricity usage. The plans would drastically reduce the university’s environmental impact and would significantly reduce costs in the long run.

Encouraging individual responsibility. La Sierra encourages faculty and students alike to take ownership of environmental stewardship. By using efficient lighting and appliances, sharing rides, recycling and many other ways, each individual is invited to take an active role in making La Sierra University a greener campus!

Check out the Green La Sierra website HERE.


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