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AAR Call for Papers: Religion and Ecology Group

We would like to inform you of two calls for papers for the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), taking place in Montréal, Quebec on November 7-10, 2009. These calls for papers come from the Religion and Ecology Group and the Animals and Religion Consultation.

The Religion and Ecology Group The Religion and Ecology Group invites proposals exploring sustainable human-Earth relations involving religion, culture, biodiversity, and environment. We encourage thematically coherent panels and individual papers. One session, co-sponsored with the Bioethics group, will focus on global justice through the lenses of Ecology and Bioethics. Other topics include: 1) ecological Hinduism, Yoga, and Jainism in North America (potentially co-sponsored with North American Hinduism); 2) religion, ecology, and globalization (colonialism, imperialism, population, pronatalism, political holism, food); 3) sustainability (problems, tensions, and uncertainties; green buildings, green burials); 4) religion, ecology, and science (including Darwin); 5) environmental values and practice (including scholarship and activism, reformation or radical change); 6) human dimensions (mourning, guilt, spiritual affinity, affectivity, satiation and sufficiency, ecological ruin and triage, ethnobiology , listening to Earth, communication with animals); and 7) religion, ecology, and popular culture (e.g., science fiction).

For more information, visit the Religion and Ecology Group’s AAR website.  DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS MONDAY MARCH 2, 2009. If you have any questions, please contact one of the Religion and Ecology Group co-chairs, David L. Barnhill or Whitney Sanford, at barnhill@uwosh.edu or wsanford@ufl.edu.

PLEASE NOTE: This group is up for review this year, and there is a chance that we might be moved to Section status, with 5 regular panels rather than 2. So we strongly encourage you to submit proposals: individual papers, pre-formed panels, and pre-arranged paper sessions. The quantity as well as quality of proposals will help the cause. Spread the word.


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